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icicle33: (icicle shoes)

Slytherins Do it Better...

This journal should be viewed with discretion.

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Created on 2012-03-07 04:06:09 (#1530566), last updated 2017-07-14 (13 weeks ago)

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Sorry this entire profile is under construction. My profile was very out of date before. I'll be updating it soon since this is now my main journal. Photobucket also fucked up all my images, and I've been too lazy to upload them elsewhere.

For now, here are a few basics:

Name: Icicle, but you can call me Ana if I decide I like you ; )
obligatory age statement for comms: 21 +
About me/Fandoms: I've been in and out of various fandoms since my very dorky middle school years. My current obsessions are HP and Yuri!!! on Ice. Plus, I ship femslash in basically any fandom because the world needs more girl love.
Friending Policy: All fandom based entries are public, but I lock RL posts. If you want to friend me, just leave me a message. I'll gladly add you back as long as you're not underage. Sometimes, there's porn on this journal, mostly of the m/m or f/f variety. If that offends you, then this probably isn't the journal for you.


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My amazing YOI Mood theme was created by the lovely [personal profile] annabeth_roses.
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